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StoreGrid is a secure data backup and restore service for data dependant businesses. Data is backed up automatically, quickly and securely over the internet. All data is encrypted and compressed before it's transmitted to DK Systems online data server. StoreGrid allows your business to backup various types of data from exchange e-mail to full data & SQL backups.

Data is transmitted and stored using the highest security methods available, eliminating the risk of the data getting into the wrong hands. The StoreGrid backup service uses many defense mechanisms such as strong authentication, data encryption, password protection and client and system side logging. It is designed to keep backed up data confidential, while retaining the ability to perform data recovery when it is needed.

DK Systems provides StoreGrid as a full disaster recovery service, and not just an online backup system. Most of our competitors who only provide an online backup service have hidden extras, which means when disaster strikes, the client faces being charged again to restore their own data. At DK Systems we include data restoration as a standard feature with all of our StoreGrid packages, so there are no hidden costs, no nasty surprises giving you a total piece of mind service.

For more information on Store Grid and how this data backup solution can help your company, please contact us at (707) 206-9228