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When downtime is not an option, you can rely on DK Systems's remote network monitoring

At DK Systems we believe in being proactive instead of reactive. In most situations there are subtle changes that occur before a network fails. If monitored, these changes would allow you to correct a problem before it becomes a catastrophe. To combat these failures, DK Systems offers 24x7 remote network monitoring. Our remote network monitoring tools will help to minimize downtime on your critical infrastructure by immediately notifying the right person in the event that the quality of service degrades beyond a set threshold. Once the notification is received, DK Systems's rapid response can often correct the problem with little or no downtime.

Our Remote Network Monitoring solution does not require agents to be installed across your network which reduces your total cost of ownership and up front costs.

Security is critical to the well being of your network. Our 24x7 remote network monitoring solution not only allows us to help your organization avoid downtime, but helps to ensure your network is secure. Our network monitoring service watches over your network and prevents critical information about the network from being transported over open communication channels.

For more information about our Remote Network Monitoring services, please contact one of our associates at (707) 206-9228.