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Why buy a custom built computer from DK Systems?

Well first let us answer this question with asking you a question. What are you looking for in a computer? Are you looking for the best bargain you can find, or are you looking for a high quality well built computer system with excellent technical support? If your answer was the second one, then you've come to the right place.

There are a lot of "great" deals out there, and we all like to get a good deal, but they are cheap for a reason. We believe you get what you pay for, and if you want a higher quality computer system, it will cost a little more. Yes there are some inexpensive computers out there, but for the most part, if they are real low in price, then they are of inferior quality, and use older out dated computer parts, unknown brand names, using proprietary cases and motherboards and restore software, which makes it more costly to upgrade or repair and have little or very poor technical support.

If you buy a computer system from us, you get a very high-end, very upgradeable, non-proprietary system that comes with the original windows system CD and uses well known brand name computer parts that will last longer. Every custom computer built here is built with a personal touch. We won't sell you anything that we wouldn't put in our own home or office. If it should need to be repaired after warranty runs out, it will cost you much less in future repairs.

We have computer systems for everybody, from the occasional computer user to the high-end multimedia or gaming enthusiast and graphics maximum performance user. We offer life time technical support on all our custom computer systems. All our computers are custom built to fit your needs, and tested to the highest standards before you pick it up or we ship it to you.

Any computer you may buy from a superstore or another computer vendor will have either an Intel or AMD processor in them, but there is more to a computer than the processor. The motherboard and power supply used in a computer play a large part in a computer's performance and reliability. We only use high quality, top name brand motherboards and power supplies in our computers.